Park Jae Woo Space2020-02-28T17:47:47+09:00
  • 박재우 Park Jae Woo
    Super Pie Design Studio / CEO

Materials and colors, along with spatial composition, are very important tools for designers in expressing their design.
How skillfully these tools are used often becomes color and language that establish a distinctive style of each designer.

What would be the color and language of the Super Pie’s design?

We desire to express originality in every space and make it live, mellow and unusual. Architects and space designers are different from painters.
There is no such thing as a practice for space designers,
and they are all aware of that a professional attitude is crucial in carrying out each project to complete the design.
Minimalism, unfinished space, monochrome – these are the terms that describe Super Pie’s space design.
Studies and challenges will be continued to accomplish such design and inspire more people with the Super Pie’s design philosophy.

This is the dream and direction that we aim for.