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Coffee Myungga Another Wrap

Design + Construction
Project / Cafe Design
Completion / 2019

A cafe Coffee Myungga Another Wrap is opend near the lake Suseongmot in Daegu. SUPER PIE Design Studio which has aimed at interior architecture rather than interior decoration, adopted a method to insert essential architectural elements into the space also this project. With the goal of minimalism concept, the designer excluded decorative elements as much as possible, and embodied a simple space centering around the basic architectural elements such as ‘line’ and ‘mass’.
It is hard to find various colors even at this project, just like their previous ones. The designer performed his own creative designs only through the proportion of walls and furnitures, while expressing the materials’ original matter properties to the full. He used plywood as a material for custom-made furnitures, which enhanced their dignity through handcrafted elaborate work. And these furnitures faithfully play the role to bring warmness into the space which looks nearly cold.
The designer, who has studied the simple and deep work which can cause calm wavelength essentially rather than complicated explanation, says that he proceeded this work by attaching meaning to one neat line and one mass, as if drawing an ink painting.
This cafe is obviously filled with the three-dimensional sense of mass, but simultaneously has the leisurely emotion which seems to be emptied. It is because that the mass containing the space’s own ration, proportion and symmetry studied deeply by the designer contributes to it, although it is not large enough.
Lighting also plays an important role in expressing the line and ratio on the ceiling, while playing its original role. In this cafe, the color temperature of the space given by day and night is quite clearly different. It is characterized by a simpleness during the day, but somewhat secret atmosphere at night.
It is a time when so various cafes are overflowing. Each of them displays their own characteristics respectively, and customers come and go to the cafe where they want according to their own tastes. This space Coffee Myungga Another Wrap is closer to providing ‘pleasant inconvenience’ than perfect convenience, and is also a space that may be somewhat limited for the customers of all ages and sexes to enjoy. Still, the designer says that some uncomfortable elements can approach with interesting comfortableness to those who want to fee and enjoy somewhat new inspiration and sentiment from designs. Moreover, the designer emphasizes that he wants to create spaces continuously for those who understand and like his designs, just as Rei Kawakubo, a designer and founder of the brand Comme Des Garcons, says that he designs clothes for those who follow him. We can now identify one’s taste, inclination and personality through the questions about cafe on likes and visits frequently. In that sense, Coffee Myungga Another Wrap designed by SUPER PIE Design Studio would be a great destination for those who follow a bit new reason and creative inspiration.