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Glad Plastic Surgery

Design + Construction
Project / Commercial Space
Completion / 2019

SUPER PIE Design Studio completed the design of Glad Plastic Surgery located in Daegu. Three key words of main concept are modernity, comfortableness and snugness. The designer focused on creating warm atmosphere like home, free from the framework of ordinary clinic with comfort stiff and rigid atmosphere, and worked hard not only to organize the space but also to choose the materials and colors, in order to create a space for patients and medical staffs to permeate comfortably.

The space taking advantage of fashion or filled with the splendid and decorative elements may be paid attention immediately but can’t create deep impression. Glad Plastic Surgery reflected such a thought, and was designed as a space getting natural beauty over time. Each of rooms such as consulting room, counseling room, surgery room and recovery room focused on reasonable and efficient design rather than splendid design. A convenient layout for medical staff in this clinic was also applied in order to facilitate a series of processed from customers’ waiting to counseling , medical treatment, management to operation. And the designer broke down the boundary between waiting area and customers by creating the consulting room with the sense of openness.
One of the most central designs is just the counter in lobby. It is the contact point for customers and staff, and workstation where most of works are carried out. Central bar and hardwood sofa by the window are arranged along a single line. Wooden material creates warmness in the space with modern tone-and-manner which can feel almost cold. Round designs inserted here and there also play a great role to give softness to the space.