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Architecture + Interior
Project / Cafe Design
Completion / 2019

There are two general residential areas across the eight-lane road in front of the site, and ANOTHER HOUSE is located in natural green space. Therefore, only architectures with a coverage rate of less than 20% can be built. Although it is located in the center of the city, the design starting point of this project is to create a minimal architecture that is simple but unique in harmony with the surrounding nature.
Unlike the simple and warm exterior, the interior is minimal with modern and achromatic colors for a simple feel. Also, it is a small space, but i wanted to give it a cool space by raising the ceiling height compared to the floor area. The main design intention of this project is to give priority to the concept of space and minimal design rather than to make full use of the volume ratio, and to have a beautiful architecture, lines, masses and ratios with different styles over time.
The magnificent fence, which is somewhat oversized compared to the simple building along the roadside site boundary line, is the main mass in this architectural design. I hope that it is a small space, but has a symbolism not to be alienated compared to the surrounding big building, and i wanted to make this building special treatment. This simple architecture and space design will be enriched with other chars due to its simple sensibility as well as sophisticated culture and colors to fill later.