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Palgongsan PROJECT

Architecture + Interior
Project / Complex Culture Space
Completion / 2018

Architecture Resembling Nature’s Colors
An architecture with simple but minimal beauty, an architecture that colors of nature and harmonizes well with the trees brought from the owner’s private forest was aimed to be created.
The design’s starting point of this project was to produce a minimal architecture that is as simple as possible but still has distinction in order to create comfort in a space that is formed harmoniously with nature on an uneven and rough geometric terrain.
An architecture with a simple and warm beauty. Unlike the exterior, the interior was arranged with modern and minimal finishing materials and colors tho sublimate into a somewhat contradictory beauty.

The interior’s sense of space was aimed to be increased with the high ceiling of the interior gable roof, which pursues the design of open concept. The harmony of architecture and space, and human and nature becomes the subject.
An architecture where the concept of space and design is prioritized rather than the maximization of the use of floor area ratio, and one that keeps another kind of cham as grime and traces are stained with time, an architecture with beautiful lines, mass and proportion, all of this was this project’s main design intention.
The modest and simple architecture and space design will create another cham made by the refined culture and colors that will fill this place in the future along with the sensitivity given by the nature, and the mountains, forest and wind, which will be enjoyed by those who visit this place, will become a space of healing the mind and body to all.