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프로젝트 설명

Robin HAUS

Design + Construction
Project / Residence Design
Completion / 2017

Named after the son, is designed by an architect for himself who wanted to implement the most delightful minimalism. The architect wanted to express the aesthetics of minimalism as far as possible and fill the space with sophisticated and high-quality finishing details. Also, he wanted to design the house as a casual and flexible shelter, and, considering the nature of his job, added a parlor in which he can have a meeting with his clients in an unusual atmo-sphere. With achromatic colors and lightings applied, the space appears as a light-defined shelter and as a place in which work and living interact with each other.
The door of a 180-degree rotating passage works as a divider between two spaces and as a mass. A large stainless-steel sliding door gives an unfamiliar yet interesting experience to visiors. Looking solid like a wall, this door guides to a large space and gives an unexpected excitement when it’s opened. In place of an existing wall between the son’s room and a hobby (Lego) room, a glass wall is constructed to make the space look like a lobby. All doors and bricks in this house are arranged to strictly divide all spaces, and kitchen with a trapezoidal shape are designed by the architect himself with walnut wood.